The new designed of the underwater vehicle better features than previously developed Pandora AUV (which took 1st place in the SAUVC-2019 competition and 2nd place in RoboSub-2019)
AUV have a 6 axes movement (yaw, roll, trim, longitudinal, transverse and vertical movement). AUV keeps the angle during the transfer payload and perform maneuvers such as “Turn”, “Burrel” and “Loop”
The weight of the NEW AUV is just 12 kg, which is 7 kg less than the weight of the previously developed Pandora AUV. This allows you to transport it with a case on the airplane without overpayments;)
AUV debugging is simple with the transparent waterproof housing. Electronics and indicators are in direct line of sight. The case is sealed with two aluminum flanges that solve the problem of cooling in the south latitude.
The new AUV design is easy to assemble and disassemble, repair and adjust systems. We can remove the waterproof housing and leave the electronics on the main frame
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